We are a 100%, ALL VOLUNTEER organization.

We are located in Washington Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Our immediate coverage includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Ashfield Rd, Brown St, Coral Ct, County Bridge Rd, Deer Rd, Deerview Ln, E. Grant St, East Ave, Factory Ave, Furnace Rd, Garage Ave, Harber Ln/Ct, Harter Rd, Hewitt Aly, Jonas St, Kern Aly, Krauses Aly, Lovers Ln, Main St, Middle Ave, Morgan St, Mountain Rd, N. Loop Rd, Overlook Rd, Park St, Perry St, S. Loop Rd, Seagersville Rd, Sharon Dr/Ct, Trout Rd, W. Grant St, Well Aly, Williams St, Windy Ridge Rd

We also respond automatic mutual aid with our partner companies, Emerald and Friedens


Since its inception in 1906, the Slatedale Fire Company Fire Chiefs

  • Phonea Muthart    1906 - 1917
  • Russell Mack        1918 - 1951
  • Walter Roberts      1952
  • Russell Rauch       1952 - 1971
  • Blaine Horn           1972 - 2012
  • Robert Schramel    2013 - 2018
  • Dwayne Kern         2019 - 2020
  • Robert Schramel    2020 - 2023
  • Joe Mead               2023
  • Robert Schramel    2023 - Present

The Slatedale Fire Company has also only had 2 fire stations. The first, located at the intersection of Labar St and Locke St (now Main Street and Brown Street) served our needs until 1954 which is when the fire company decided to look into constructing a new fire company. Our current location, 3922 Main Street, was constructed in 1958 and housed at the time 2 fire engines and our hose cart; an Ambulance was then added later, making 4 pieces of equipment in a 2-vehicle garage.


1906: The fire company was incorporated, and our 1906 chemical cart was purchased and put in service.

1908: Our 1908 hose cart (that we still have today) was purchased and put in service.

1921: A Model T fire truck was purchased, the 1906 chemical cart was then modified to be a permanent part of the Model T.

1935: Our first motorized pumper, the Diamond T with a "Howe" pump was purchased and put in service.

1951: A Chevrolet van, used as a utility truck was purchased and put in service.

1958: Our current fire company's construction was completed.

1960: Elwood Heintzelman, a funeral director and member of the fire company, came up with an idea to start an ambulance corps in Slatedale. He furthered his idea by donating a LaSalle Hearse to the fire company which was then converted to an ambulance.

1961: A Ford pumper cab and body was purchased; It was then equipped with the "Howe" pump from the Diamond T.

Mid 1960's: The Slatington Legion donated a 1957 Oldsmobile ambulance, which replaced the Hearse. The Oldsmobile was in service until July of 71.

1968: The fire company bought a 1952 Ford tanker from the Hecktown Fire Company.

1971: A 1967 Cadillac ambulance was purchased from the Centronia Ambulance Corps. for $200. This served us until 1976.

1973: The Ford Pumper's pump was found to have major mechanical problems; This is when a 1973 Ford Bean was purchased. The Ford Bean served us until 2012, which is when it was retired to make room for the newly purchased Ferarra Pumper, thanks to a federal grant.

1976: A brand new 1976 Dodge Van ambulance was purchased for $13,800.

1981: An addition was built on the fire company to house 3 trucks. This addition has the red garage doors and is where our "big trucks" are housed today.

1986: Our 1979 Dodge/Pierce Brush Truck was purchased. This served as a brush truck and a light rescue unit until 2012. Now this truck only responds to brush fires or any other type of call that requires an off-road type of vehicle or are in hard-to-reach areas.

1997: A 1998 Central/HME Ladder Truck was purchased.

2006: A 2006 Yahmaha Rhino ATV was purchased.

2011: A 2012 Ferarra Pumper was purchased with help from a federal grant totaling 285,000.

2016: A 2016 Polaris 6 by 6 ATV was purchased from Kermit Kistler for forestry firefighting with help from a state grant.

2016: A 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500 was purchased from Wind Gap Chevy to serve as a brush truck, replacing our 1979 Dodge mini pumper. 

2022: We acquired a 1970's Duce from Lehigh Township Fire Department for forestry purposes.
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